illustrations for Sa Kuwento Natin II, online storytelling of classic Filipino fables, as retold by National Artist for Literature Virgilio S. Almario. Watch the series on

I worked on the story Ang Hukuman ni Sinukuan, storytelling by Liway Gabo, and directed by Malcolm Velazco. 
In most depictions, Mariang Sinukuan is usually shown as ethereal, dainty, and fairy-like. In my version, I wanted to illustrate her as someone more connected to nature in her form and gestures. Instead of the usual white dress, she is in a kimona and wide pants that resemble Mt. Arayat, where she lives. Her hair flows along with the clouds, and she can be as large or small as she needs to be to move through nature and interact with the animals.
Since the same characters recur in different scenes in the chain of events, each encounter is shown against a different background color to distinguish them from one another, and to show passing of time.
Multiple events are shown on some spreads as the artworks were meant to be panned and zoomed in or out by the video team and edited in with the footage of the storyteller.
sketches, color studies, and thumbnails
Sa Kuwento Natin II is on view on
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