The main illustration used across all materials is inspired by the proactive energy of the youth in being involved with the conservation efforts. The characters are depicted in a playful geometric way, and rendered in a textured version and a flat vector version that can be resized depending on usage. The birds featured are some of the key species of the Flyway: the Blackfaced Spoonbill and the Dalmatian Pelican.
The event materials include posters for the Call for Proposals and the Workshops. Each poster is sized for print and mobile/social media. Other auxiliary materials include attendance certificates, and backgrounds for Zoom and Powerpoint.
Initial sketches and color studies. Both concepts show young people and birds together. For the color studies, I tried to explore a vibrant palette and an earthy palette. The final colors are on the earth tone side set against either a teal or a cream background to make the elements stand out.
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